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Born on June 9, 1982, Alexandru Groza is an artist and designer with a passion for art in stone and resin. He started his professional career as a high-end tiler, but he very soon revealed his demanding character, eye for details of refinement as well as his interests in decorative stones that later have developed into his passion.

Thanks to his creativity and artistic plasticity, Alex’s career has diversified into distinct and complementary areas of art and decoration. After completing a course in interior and exterior decoration and design, Alex immersed himself in gaining experience and practicing art also by participating in many European and international fairs, where he has got acquainted with resin, that exciting and expressive medium that has changed his perspectives forever.

He has had the opportunity to meet some of the most well-known Portuguese sculptors and even followed a course in resin and stone sculpture with the famous and one of the most experienced Portuguese sculptor Hans Varela. Those encounters enabled him to enter the real world of art, followed by the creation of several new, innovative and exclusive art projects and works in stone and resin both for private entities and municipalities.

This is his “signature” collection, where his artistic inclination and talent is well reflected. Inspiration, he says, can strike anywhere.

His works are refreshing and reflect his trainings and experience in art. He is dedicated, absorbed by and passionate about each new project.

 Alex Groza is an artistic name of creative force.


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