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Fineness, Elegance, Exclusivity

Art as a word that designates a sphere separate from everything else arose with castes, classes and states. It arose when all the other spheres of life became the specializations to certain people: from the ruler in politics, the peasants in the economy, priests in religion and the artisans in art. Then was “pure” art born, with its own word that designated it, making its own place, separate from other spheres of life.

Whatever your “sphere of life”, your “specialization” or your personal taste and desire, we interpret and create art with creativity and fineness, thus the most charming places in your home can receive that touch of refinement and uniqueness.

Our art work in stone and resin is born as a combination of various types of materials and designs. The pieces are exclusive and render the area or space they are destined to distinguished and unique.

Everybody has unique taste, style dream. Tell us yours and we’ll help you realize the artwork that reflects that.

Stones & Bronze Sculptures Stones & Bronze
Since prehistory man has used stone as an artistic medium. Stone in fact has been one of the most popular materials over the centuries for the realization of art works. Crafted in different ways through the ages, it always resulted in a beautiful and lasting work, as we can still see it on pieces made more than two thousand years ago. Our art works cover different styles and in collaboration with the well-known sculptor Hans Varela we create unique and ideal works for meeting rooms, offices, condominiums and hotels, collectors and the general public.
We create your style in stone design for interior and exterior spaces. We work with distinct stone of the highest quality, be it national or imported, because only then can we offer you unique works and exclusive pieces that integrate with refinement and harmony in your space ... and in your life. The decorative stone can be used in a multitude of ways throughout your home. This versatility when applied creatively and handled by experienced hands, whether in rustic or modern styles, give rise to unique and sophisticated interior and exterior spaces of rare architectural beauty.
Since the time of the Renaissance, paints based on drying oils, mainly linseed, have been the most used in applications in Fine Arts; oil paints are still very common today. However in the 20th century, water-based paints like watercolor and acrylic became very popular with the development of acrylic and other latex paints. Casein-based paints were very popular in the 19th century and still exist today. Tempera, which is an emulsion of egg yolk with oil, is still used today, as is the case with wax. Gouache is a variety of opaque watercolor that has been used since the Middle Ages and is generally composed of a pigment mixed with a resin (gum arabic or egg white). In the work with several Resins: Epoxy, Crystal, Acrylic, mixed with several Colored Pigments. We create Colorful and Transparent Sculptures as our customers want.
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